Reading Books.

Emily has been reading a book on her computer. Normally, after arriving home from school, she is quite tired so goes straight for the TV. Today she was alert enough to have a go on the Tobii, so we set her up with a pageset (the Tobii term for, well, anything on the computer!) that Jayne had created; Jayne had scanned the pages of one of Emily's favourite books, The Enormous Turnip, and recorded herself reading each page - I'm impressed. Emily has just read the whole book!

Watch this, Dad.

Emily using her new Tobii C12, Eye Gaze enabled, computer

Emily's been using her computer in anger this morning - what a hoot we've had! I set her up with a simple memory game type of thing. A load of cards face down, you turn two over and if they match, you keep them - standard stuff. I chose a 4x3 grid of 'cards' and the fun began.

I didn't know whether Em would understand the concept, so just kept encouraging her to see what was under the cards and occasionally asking if she'd seen another one of those cards already.

Open the box!

Emily looking at the C12 packaging

Emily wasn't too impressed with the box. What she really wanted was the C12 up and running!

Tobii's arrival

The UPS man brought us a package today. If I'd have thought about it beforehand, I would have asked if I could have taken a photo of him handing it over to Emily, marking the beginning of her new adventure.

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