Watch this, Dad.

Emily using her new Tobii C12, Eye Gaze enabled, computer

Emily's been using her computer in anger this morning - what a hoot we've had! I set her up with a simple memory game type of thing. A load of cards face down, you turn two over and if they match, you keep them - standard stuff. I chose a 4x3 grid of 'cards' and the fun began.

I didn't know whether Em would understand the concept, so just kept encouraging her to see what was under the cards and occasionally asking if she'd seen another one of those cards already.

She 'got it' pretty quickly and, whilst I was away texting this news to her mum, I observed her clear the whole board! She then hit 'reset' to start it off again. This is absolutely amazing - we have no idea what she's capable of! Did she really understand what 'reset' would do? Could she read the word?

Naturally I increased the difficulty to 4x4, just to slow her down, and then had to stop her from hitting reset (presumably she wants it back to 4x3!) - there was much merriment over this tussle.

I left the room to get my coffee and, when I returned, two cards were missing. Evidently she'd matched a pair, so I gave her some praise and asked if they were the pictures of the bath that she'd found (I'd seen them earlier). Straight away she looked back at the screen and turned over just one card... a picture of a bath... and looked back at me as if to say "Does that answer your question, Dad?".

This is only day one, remember!