Reading Books.

Emily has been reading a book on her computer. Normally, after arriving home from school, she is quite tired so goes straight for the TV. Today she was alert enough to have a go on the Tobii, so we set her up with a pageset (the Tobii term for, well, anything on the computer!) that Jayne had created; Jayne had scanned the pages of one of Emily's favourite books, The Enormous Turnip, and recorded herself reading each page - I'm impressed. Emily has just read the whole book!

She studies the page shown on screen before deciding who is going to read that particular page. If she wants Mum to read it, she selects the icon containing a picture of Mum; if she wants the computer's synthesised speech, she selects the icon with a computer on it. Only after that page has been read aloud does an arrow appear on the screen letting Emily go to the next page if she wants to. Sometimes she listens to the audio several times before moving on.

The best bit came after she had finished; she sat back in her chair, receiving the cheers from her proud Dad, and Jayne said to her "What was the book called, Emily?". Emily, who was still beaming at me at this point, looked back at the screen and selected the correct button which said aloud "The Enormous Turnip". She then looked straight back in my direction, with an even bigger smile, and an air of smugness. Brilliant! This last interaction was, in some ways, more meaningful than the rest of the whole story.